Lusail Boulevard, the urban masterpiece


A dynamic, diverse and unique shopping, commercial and residential destination, Lusail Boulevard is where Downtown Lusail’s iconic experience comes to life.

Its contemporary urban architecture and cosmopolitan high-street lifestyle create unique retail, dining and leisure experiences – along a 1.3km avenue of pedestrian-friendly air-cooled walkways, extending to the iconic towers of Al Sa’ad Plaza.

Lusail Boulevard’s four tram stations connect Downtown Lusail’s epicentre to the rest of Lusail, as well as to the city’s main tram stations. This interlinked network offers Lusail Boulevard residents and visitors open access to the buildings’ underground car park, which can accommodate up to 2,000 vehicles, while the avenue’s underground public spaces also have a capacity of 2,200 vehicles. The buildings, each featuring its own retail podium, feed off the city’s bustling energy and pave a thoroughfare of stunning vistas to the Lusail Towers.

A range of mixed-use, upscale retail and premium residential units forms this cosmopolitan melting pot; opportunities abound for businesses and entrepreneurs eyeing Lusail’s limitless potential as an international destination.

Lusail Boulevard’s linear thoroughfare connects three main areas: the western gateway, the avenue itself, and the station plaza. The commercial district’s 18 plots are categorized under five central land uses: retail spaces, offices, hotels, residential property and exhibition hubs.

Lusail Boulevard’s masterplan was also carefully drawn into five distinct sub-districts. The Gateways, Art and Design, Education District, Entertainment, Media and Tech, Hotels and Offices zones stand as beacons of Doha’s evolving economic landscape, culturally rich demography and nationwide ambitions for an international audience. Galleries, designer hubs, wellbeing centres and theatres converge people, creativity and technology for the lifestyle of the future.



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